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Welcome to the Doyle Group Web Page

group   Doyle Group Fall/Spring 2011/2012

Doyle Group December 2013 (Left to Right)


Doyle Group Fall/Spring 2011/2012 (Left to Right)

Yan Nie, Tiffany Greenfield, Jayme Workinger, Leann Miles, Kelly Henry, Elizabeth Waters, Brian Huta, Ron Bonaccorso, Amanda Hoffman, Allison Roberts, Rachael Burke, Sal Falisi


Jaime Bernstein, Susan Clardy, Anna Kahkoska, Eleanor Robertson, Leann Miles, Allison Roberts, Soreen Cyphers, Joshua Zylstra, Yaci Yu, Debbie Valentin, Brian Huta, Nadia Marino, Chris Fazen, Amanda Hoffman, Robert Doyle (PI)


Research Interests

Research in the Doyle group focuses on three main areas that join Inorganic chemistry and biology:

1. Utilizing vitamin B12 to deliver proteins orally or to target metallo-probes/chemotherapeutics to tumor cells

2. Investigating energy independent metal-citrate transport in Gram positive bacteria

3. The coordination chemistry of metal-pyrophosphate complexes and the concomitant biological, magnetic and catalytic properties of such complexes.

Work in our lab includes:

1. Oral Peptide/Protein Projects

2. Energy Independent Metal-citrate transport in Gram Positive Bacteria

3. Pyrophosphate Project